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Second to last

It’s almost midnight in California, and it’s nearing the moment when the moon will block the light of the sun in a full solar eclipse, 13 hours before the spring equinox.

By the time anyone else reads this, their today will be my tomorrow. And oh, what a morrow it is! A special day, as I’ve already written about, a wondrous celestial dance 300 years in the making, setting off a series of four solar eclipse/spring equinoxes that will occur at 19-year intervals this century. Wow. What a special day.

But what if we treated every day as no less special? Every day the miracle of sunrise occurs, a world’s worth of activity passes, and the sun sets again so it can renew and return once more in the morn’. There is an important place for holidays, ritual, marking the movements on the wheel of time, but in my experience these moments serve us best when they remind us to find the sacred in every day, to apply the same lens of wonder to all the movements of life around us, not just the dramatic eclipses, equinoxes and solstices.

These aren’t new ideas; I’m writing them because in my own life I want to embody a practice of finding the special in the mundane. I don’t want to treat life like it is a race from one peak to the next, but instead savor the sacred, the wondrous, the miraculous in every day, not just tomorrow.

Blog 30/31 of the Moon Cycle Project. The moon is just about new … ready to cross paths with the sun, and then begin again. Every day, every moment, we have the chance to begin again.

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