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Distractions, Threats & Little Birds

Today I tried so hard to do good work. I really did. But I couldn’t vanquish the demons of distraction. The endless checking of email with no real momentum. The vacuum of social media, Pavlov’s red notification button. It’s not that I don’t have important… Read More

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True Power

Knowing others is intelligence; Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich. If you stay in the center and embrace death with your whole heart, you will endure… Read More

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MayDay 2015: Reckoning

I was always struck by the fact that May 1st, May Day, is pronounced the same as Mayday, the international distress call. May Day. May Pole. International Worker’s Day. Beltane, ancient gaelic celebration of summer and fire. Light, flower, dances around the May Pole. Mayday.… Read More

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Going deep

Make some tea. Bring it into the meditation space. Sit in a circle. Open the chocolate. Have an orange. Read a taoist poem. Share six ground rules. Breathe deeply. Begin. Tonight was a merging of two of my worlds – dreamwork with my housemates, and… Read More

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The Beloved Community

“We make the beloved community By being the beloved community I spent today with members of the Web of Change Community – both board members as well as fresh recruits to the leadership team (I was one of them), in a planning & work session focused… Read More

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Moss garden Swingset Searching for golf balls in the pond at dusk Learning to ride a bicycle by falling, getting up, falling again Looking past the stars to the edges of the known world The smell of freshly shorn grass

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Stepping into Fear

Today was the third and final day of a workshop titled Executive Director 101, an excellent training from the folks at Compass Point, focused on building the leadership and management skills of non-profit Executive Directors, folks who’ve been in the position anywhere from a few weeks… Read More