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Land rights in Chiapas

Last spring I traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to conduct trainings as part of a Digital Democracy project. Months later, I am still inspired every time I hear updates from our local partners. These slideshows tell the story of what we worked on, and what the… Read More

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Day 1: Midsummer by Derek Walcott

Yesterday began the #BedtimePoems experiment, with a lovely conversation with Brian, a friend from college. Despite keeping up with one another via Facebook and the occasional email, it’s actually been probably eight or so years since we spoke in real-time! We caught up briefly on… Read More

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Return to Chiapas

Both literally & figuratively, Chiapas is the bridge between Mexico and central America. Mexico’s southern-most state, it has a curious and complicated history of politics, land tenure and cultural clashes. It’s also an incredibly beautiful land of jungle and mountain highlands, both ecologically and culturally… Read More