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How is Your Heart? My guest column for On Being

Pt. 5/31 in the Moon Cycle blog series.

This week, I had the pleasure of penning a guest column for On Being, the Peabody-Award-Winning radio show & website which explores the central questions of what it means to be human & how we choose to live. Hosted by the ever thoughtful Krista Tippett, recent shows have featured Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Han, my friends & role models Parker Palmer & Courtney Martin in conversation live at PopTech (a show I had the pleasure to attend in person), and one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, in a rare conversation with Krista. I’m bewildered by how much beauty, insight, wisdom and compassion awaits one’s ears at the end of the hyperlinks in the last sentence.

My column was a reflection on a social convention that I sometimes struggle with, and a different way of asking “how are you” that I learned from the Mayan communities I’ve worked with in Chiapas through Digital Democracy. I invite you to read the column, and share your thoughts.


Today’s moon status: Waxing crescent, 21.4% illuminated. Visible beginning in the early evening.

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