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Lemon slices

Lemon slices

In hot water

Cough in my throat

Aches in my joints

Is this a cold coming on? Nah, can’t be. Too much to do. Too much going on.

Still, I’ll eat soup for dinner. I’ll try to exercise to move whatever is going on through me.

Oh, oh. Just twisting my arm hurts. Just jogging along hurts.

Hmm, body, what’s happening? What is it you want to tell me? Is this why you laid awake last night?

What’s happenining, headache? What wisdom do you want to share? Or are you just telling me to go ahead and drink some advil?

I’m not sure. Walking home from my attempt at a jog, I saw Venus in the West, Orion overhead. Soon it will be the new moon, soon it will be the time of spring. Already the days are lengthening. I’m ready, I’m ready. But my body says “rest” too.

So much I wanted to write about today. About #blacklivesmatter, because they do. Books I want to recommend. On the name of my neighborhood. About cool things we are doing at work. But sickness is taking hold, so stream of consciousness then to bed I go …

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