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We Operate Best Together – an inspiring journey

I just donated to support an inspiring project: We Operate Best Together. Morgan Sully, a community technologist with a heart of gold, is embarking on a journey to tell the stories of changemakers and innovators on an upcoming trip to Europe. This May, he helped Digital Democracy as the project champion for Handheld Human Rights. Next, he’s traveling to England, the Netherlands and Norway, and will be doing digital storytelling along the way. I’m proud to support his trip and can’t wait to see what he produces.

He’s also an electronic musician.

Check out his own words about this adventure, and support him on Kickstarter – even a donation of $1 or $5 will help him reach his goal.

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  1. Emily, this is beautiful. Thank you. What I’ve really liked about this project, is that people have remixed the wording/spread of the WOBT meme.

    “inspiring journey”
    “storytelling adventure”
    “cool project/experiment with international impact of social media”

    Are some of the things I’ve seen in Tweets an blog posts. It’s a real honor to see the versions coming out…


    BTW, I made a dedication to D2 on my manifesto:

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