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The Growing Season

What’s more delicious than local produce in season?

From Snore and Guzzle (found via the awesome and inspiring mind behind

The Growing Season for New York State

Asparagus: May 5th – May 15th
Rhubarb: May 1st – June 15th
Strawberries: June 10th – 30th
Sweet Cherries: July 4th – Aug. 1st
Sour Cherries: July 15th – Aug. 10th
Blueberries: July 4th – Sept. 1st
Red Raspberries: July 5th – Oct. 10th
Purple Raspberries: July
Black Raspberries: July
Currants Red, White and Black: July 5-August 5
Peaches-Yellow and White: mid July – early Sept.
Blackberries: August
Plums: mid August through mid-September
Apples: September-November 1

Although rhubarb is just past, I saw some delicious-looking rhubarb the other day at Eat Records, where I had perhaps the most delicious juice of my life, fresh apricot juice from a nearby farm in New York.

Okra at the farmer's market

Thinking about the growing season reminds me of En Los Campos, the photography/oral history I worked on with my mom and Pam LeBlanc about the lives of teenage migrant farmworkers in the Midwest. It was amazing to travel around the fields of Indiana and Michigan – among the corn, cukes and cantaloupe, interviewing young people – some as young as 10 or 12, others my age (17/18 at the time) with kids of their own.

I learned that every piece of produce that I pick with my hands at a grocers was picked by hand in a field or orchard. It taught me that I want to know when a fruit is ripe, so that I can eat in season with the place where I live. I learned that I want to know who helped get the food from the field to my belly – and to know they were treated fairly along the way.

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” – Cesar Chavez

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