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Dancing into the new year

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining my dear friend and soeur Carol Ann at a dinner party in Williamsburg. I was surprised to learn that I had previously met our host, an accomplished artist, Jenny Lynn. This summer, I photographed the launch of the Voss Water Foundation, and Jenny and I shared a meal. We also marveled over the dancers, led by the stunning Rose Marie Guiraud, with whom Jenny Lynn had studied in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

To my delight, Rose Marie was there last night as well. She led us in dance and graced us with songs, including a beautiful rendition of one of my favorites, Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne. (Here’s a fabulous cover by Nick Cave.)

The party also marked a few birthdays. We sang to an older woman, a baby, a father, and then even me, in honor of my New Year’s Eve birth.

On cold winter nights, when the sun has long since set and warm breezes are far away, what could be better than a gathering of creative, inspiring people (babies and toddlers to boot), so long as there is good food, laughter and song?

August memories of Rose Marie and her dancers:

Rose Marie introducing the dance

Rose Marie introducing the dance

Working their magic on the crowd
two to dance

group dance

group dance 2

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