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Hello world!

I started my first blog at 19. It went through variations and manifestations, eventually becoming a friends-only place for poetry and inspiration. Now, it’s a record and testament to my experiences as an undergraduate, and and my first few years of working.

At 21 I kept a blog while living in Afrique de l’Ouest. Aptly titled “A Midwesterner in Mali,” it didn’t outlast my sejour à Bamako. The writing is forgettable, but here are some visual memories.

Last Wednesday was my birthday. Being a New Year’s Eve baby has instilled in me a healthy appreciation for fireworks, and gratitude that I am able to start every new year at a new age, granting time for reflection and growth as every December comes to a close.

2008 was rich with stories … people I met, interviewed, photographed, befriended. And I was enriched by the blogs and writings and media of so many friends.

2009 is time to give back: to glean from a world of stories, anecdotes, contradictions and struggle. In distilling their meaning, weaving details into narratives, I hope to share the gleams of light that make every day, and every person, a gift.

Glean & Gleam. Welcome.

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