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Women on 20s

A cool campaign is afoot to replace Andrew Jackson with a woman on the face of the US $20 bill. The campaign is well articulated, smart and working to build large grassroots support, by creating a multi-stage voting process to build a large movement of folks advocating for the change.

This video uses a classic tactic – using kids – to illustrate how bonkers it is that there are no women pictured on US paper currency. But changing this is actually quite simple – all it takes is the President to request a change to the Department of Treasury.

So the folks at Womenon20s have drafted a field of 15 candidates, and are asking for you to vote for 3 of them to move to the next round. Then there will be another round of voting to determine the people’s choice for the president to submit to congress.

Why replace Andrew Jackson? They do a great job of explaining on their site.



1. Andrew Jackson was celebrated for his military prowess, for founding the Democratic party and for his simpatico with the common man. But as the seventh president of the United States, he also helped gain Congressional passage of the “Indian Removal Act of 1830” that drove Native American tribes of the Southeastern United States off their resource-rich land and into Oklahoma to make room for white European settlers. Commonly known as the Trail of Tears, the mass relocation of Indians resulted in the deaths of thousands from exposure, disease and starvation during the westward migration. Not okay.

2. Some argue that because Jackson was a fierce opponent of the central banking system and favored gold and silver coin or “hard money” over paper currency, he is an ironic choice for immortalization on our money.

Personally, I think there’s another reason to support this campaign – it’s a chance not only to put a woman’s face on our currency, but also to highlight the importance of a person of color. Aside from the Sacajawea golden dollar (and how often do you come across those?) there is not a single non-white person on any of the US currency. I think this is a travesty. Of the field of 15 candidates, 6 are women of color, and I think the time is long overdue to see one of them honored on our currency. A Sojourner Truth $20 bill? Harriet Tubman? Rosa Parks? Yes yes yes.

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