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Things I’ve watched squirrels do today:

  • Run across the neighbor’s roof to the telephone wire, run along the telephone wire towards a tree, lose balance and slide upside down, still gripping the wire from below, panic briefly, turn around and run back to the roof, upside down, then using the edge of the roof to pull himself right side up.
  • Sit on her hindlegs, tail held lovingly in front paws while using her mouth to enthusiastically and methodically groom her bushy tail.
  • Get caught in the act of attempting to eat a necklace (made of glazed nuts/seeds) that had been placed on an outdoor alter. Watch me warily as he continued to gnaw through the string, successfully separating a strand of six and scampering on the fence wall with them. Unsuccessfully attempt to chew through the glaze to get to the meat of the nut. Run back to the tree stump in search of something edible. Closely examine a little squirrel size rake but neglect to rake the sand of the little zen sandbox. Re-attempt to chew through the glaze.
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