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Happy Lunar New Year: Welcoming the Wood Goat

Pt. 2/31 in the Moon Cycle blog series.

Today the Lunar/Chinese New Year is being celebrated with festivities and fireworks across the world. With yesterday’s new moon the year of the horse galloped to an end, and we are now entering the year of the wood goat (or blue female sheep, depending on who you ask).  What does that mean?  According to Chinese traditions, a yin wood goat yea is a time of renewal and maturation. Although the wood goat is a young kid, the energy of this time represents both the innocence of a young child and the power to move mountains. From a pamphlet printed by Da Yuan Circle,

Unlike the rascally pony of 2014, we can expect compromise and dedication to harmony from the Goat year – no innovation for the sake of innovation.

This innocence offers a tremendous potential for new thoughts, compromise, new alliances and release from oppression. Can you make it happen? In Chinese astrology, the Wood Goat is only potential – will you contribute to the peace and harmony it suggests? Will you make the world a more balanced, fair and beautiful place?

The message of the Wood Goat in 2015 is to wake up from the trance of entertainment (commercial TV, cable news, internet social networks) … In 2015 Heaven and Earth (cycles) give us the chance to get our humanity back – but it is up to you. Will you accept the gift? It calls us to remember our humanity and perseveringly give every sentient being a chance to learn and grow.

Whether or not the Chinese New Year speaks to you culturally, moments like this give us a chance to pause, celebrate life and take a look at the bigger picture. The lunar new year also provides an opportunity  to check in with the intentions, goals and “resolutions” we set at the beginning of January. How are those going for you? Are you finding momentum in the areas you were seeking? In spaces where you are struggling, what kind of support might you call upon? What does the wood goat tell us as February slides into March? Perhaps to remember that playfulness, openness and group collaboration can go a long way.

As I was contemplating my own types of goat energy – including the devoted, mountain climbing variety and the playful one that values harmonious interrelating – I was reminded of this video of goats balancing on a bendy tin roof.  They may get knocked down, but they effortlessly find their way back up, achieving equilibrium through movement, flowing with the tao.

PS – In researching this post I discovered the wonderful rabbit hole of youtube videos of baby goats turning dogs into jungle gyms (which reminded me of my brother Sam’s glorious hound Roscoe).  HT my housemate Orion for sharing Da Yuan’s Wood Goat literature, Alia McKee‘s inspiring FB post yesterday on “Neutral Day” before the Buddhist new year and every goat I’ve ever come across who’s made me squeal with glee at the glory of being alive.

Today’s moon status: Waxing crescent, 1.5% illuminated.

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