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A visit to Honeymoon Farm

This weekend I traveled to St. Louis to speak at Clinton Global Initiative University. The last time I was in St. Louis was October 2011, when I flew to St. Louis to attend my friends’ Lara and Steve’s wedding in Carbondale, Illinois. I’ll never forget the night – it was a full moon, and so many of my favorite people were there. Returning to St. Louis again, I decided to revisit Lara & Steve on the land where they were married, which they’ve been turning into a farm over the past 8 months. And boy, am I glad I did!

Honeymoon Farm is their labor of love, a place where they are working to revitalize the land and humanely raise animals. The land has been part of Steve’s family for generations, and I was so inspired to see the thoughtful and heart-centered approach they’re taking to cultivating it.

Here’s some of what I helped with this weekend:

  • Moved the chickens from an inside roost to a temporary outside shelter
  • Fed the pigs whey and rubbed their bellies
  • Helped the goats reach high branches
  • Picked ticks off of various animals
  • Tried to help train Athena the giant puppy
  • Talked about permaculture and biodynamic farming
  • Made yummy meals and hung out with a happy baby

I also took a lot of photos for Lara & Steve to use. Here’s the blog post Lara wrote about my visit, with lots of photos!

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