In praise of long-haul friendship

Photo – Drew, Lily, Stevie, Me, Kristin, Karen. Circa 2002. Pt. 9/31 in the in the Moon Cycle blog series. Today I received an email from my friend Stevie, addressed to a group of five women who have been friends for approximately 15 years. Some of our friendships… Read More

moon & venus

Checking in with the moon

I started this daily blogging project a week ago yesterday, on the day of the new moon. Yesterday was the first quarter, when the moon looks half-full in the sky. Now it’s early evening in the Bay Area, the sun will soon set, and the… Read More

Stepping into Fear

Today was the third and final day of a workshop titled Executive Director 101, an excellent training from the folks at Compass Point, focused on building the leadership and management skills of non-profit Executive Directors, folks who’ve been in the position anywhere from a few weeks… Read More